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Education is not like filling a bucket, it is to kindle a fire within. Each one of us has got enormous potential waiting to be picked and polished. And that is all that we do at JIFSA- recognizing the hidden talent and innate ability of our students and then facilitating their knowledge acquisition in our modern class rooms equipped with state-of-art gadgets and teaching aids.

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The department has a cell looking after placement activities and management of placement schedules. The placement cell maintains a record of potential employers and contacts them on a regular basis. Past students of the department also provide referrals. Every year campus interviews are arranged by the placement cell.
Abundant career opportunities in safety exists both in industries and at construction sites. Safeguard against accidents-it is what concerns the job of a Safety Officer. Accidents often occur at both the industrial as well as residential premises it can be caused by machinery, chemicals, gases, electricity, radiation, fire etc.
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Academic Calender for NSDC fresh Batches:

Session Month Starting Date End Date
2021 April 26th (Monday) 3rd week of December
2021 June 21st (Monday) 3rd week of February
2021 August 23rd (Monday) 3rd week of April
2021 October 25th (Monday) 3rd week of June

Academic Calender for NSDC Examinations:

Session Month Starting Date of Examination End Date of Examination Semester Board Result
2021 April 26th (Monday) 30th April 1st NSDC 15th June
2021 May 26th (Wednesday) 31st May 2nd NSDC 15th July
2021 June 25th (Friday) 30th June 1st & 2nd NSDC 15th August
2021 August 26th (Thursday) 31st August 1st & 2nd NSDC 15th October
2021 October 27th (Wednesday) 1st November 1st & 2nd NSDC 15th December
2021 December 24th (Friday) 30th December 1st & 2nd NSDC 15th February
2022 February 23th (Wednesday) 28th February 1st & 2nd NSDC 15th April

NEBOSH IG Foundation,NEBOSH IG Fresh Batch & NEBOSH IG Revision" Batches of 4 Days for open book examination (OBE). We have confirmed the following OBE Revision batch dates:

Batch Session Date
IG-Foundation 2021 15th April (Thursday)
IG-Foundation 2021 27th May (Thursday)
IG-Foundation 2021 26th June (Saturday)
IG-Foundation 2021 28th July (Wednesday)
IG-Foundation 2021 25th August (Wednesday)
IG-Foundation 2021 27th September (Monday)
IG-Foundation 2021 18th October (Monday)
IG-Fresh 2021 20th April (Thursday)
IG-Fresh 2021 1st June (Tuesday)
IG-Fresh 2021 1st July (Thursday)
IG-Fresh 2021 2nd August (Monday)
IG-Fresh 2021 30th August (Monday)
IG-Fresh 2021 1st October (Friday)
IG-Fresh 2021 22nd October (Friday)
IG-Revision 2021 4th June (Friday)
IG-Revision 2021 30th July (Friday)
IG-Revision 2021 1st October (Friday)
IG-Revision 2021 26th November (Friday)

Academic Calender for NEBOSH IG Permanent introduction of open book examination (OBE).

Session Date
2021 9th June (Wednesday)
2021 4th August (Wednesday)
2021 6th October (Wednesday)
2021 1st December (Wednesday)


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