Vice Chairperson Message

Mrs. Farhat Ahmad

Vice Chairperson

God gives us the hope when nothing is falling in place. He is the guiding light behind us which keeps motivating us when we feel rejected and stressed and forces us to be a go-getter. Love of god is precious and omnipresent. Real happiness lies in feeling his love with us every time we fail as he is there to embrace us.

Every new day is a new challenge for student. Not only guidance but they also need motivational words from Parents and teachers so that they can face the world with more energy and enthusiasm and accomplish their goals.
To reach to your goals you must start today. Do not hesitate to think, dream and act and one you will be a winner. Teachers have the onus of shaping the future of the blooming buds by giving them the right direction and counseling them when they feel dejected and defeated. But before that teachers need to be inspired and motivated from time to time so that they can deliver their best performance.
A teacher educates hundreds of students/children/ kids and inspires them to lead a meaningful and purposeful life. There is nothing better than devoting your life to make the lives of others.
Students are the torchbearer of a nation as their hard work would bring growth to the economy. As such people should inspire the students to study hard and work for the development of a nation. The inspirational wishes for the students can be sent through text message along with gifts for them to make them feel good. The wishes would motivate them for studying hard and finding better career opportunities in their life.
Dear student, I send this inspirational wish to motivate you to bring more success and do hard work for your results. It is your toil and effort which will take you to your dreams and help in achieving them. Life is full of beautiful opportunities. Grab them and live life to the fullest. No problem is too big to be solved and no life is too difficult to be enjoyed.