Future Prospects


There is no dearth of career opportunities for Fire & Safety Professionals in Process Industries, Construction Projects, and Service Sector both in Government as well as Private Organisations. This advantage is not only going to persist as it is, looks like it is slated for an upswing making this field even more lucrative in the days to come.
An accident spells doom for the unfortunate victims and a peril no less for the organization. No matter whether it is caused by a human error of judgment or lack of precaution or a mechanical failure (which could in turn have arisen either due to faulty design or poor material or faulty workmanship/maintenance), or careless handling of heavy materials, or owing to leakage of certain gases or radiations - an accident is an accident, and it's the business of the management team to see that it is avoided. The onus legally lies on the Unit Head/Occupier and functionally on the Safety Manager- the ceaseless concern of both these being to safeguard against such accidents.
Accidents are likely to happen in welding, cutting, or demolishing operations at insecure locales as well as in working at heights, on scaffolds, on fragile roofs and in trench making etc. These situations could present themselves in any of the large number of Industrial or Construction Work Sites. Ironically, stacked behind each of these workplaces are the career opportunities for Fire & Safety men. And if we can see the writing on the wall it's not hard to figure out that these are abundant!