1) Is 10 days class sufficient for NEBOSH course completion ?

Ans: It will always be suggestable for the candidates that you can get your training until you feel confident and comfortable. The fresher’s can take 1 month or more than a month, generally it seems in fresher’s that continuous getting the classes of 7 to 8 hours lectures in a day will reduce learning capacity in that case they prefer to take two hours lectures daily and continue more than a month but when it comes to experience holders and job holders opposite to that they keenly take interest in 7-8 hours lectures daily and cover the program in 10 days. You can write your examination whenever you feel comfortable and revise your sessions as much as possible to familiarize yourself. The days are sufficient but the mind set and concept varies person to person based on that you can prepare for NEBOSH IG very comfortably.
It will always be suggestable for the candidates that you can get your training until you feel confident and comfortable. The fresher’s can take 1 month or more than a month, generally it seems in fresher’s that continuous getting the classes of 7 to 8 hours lectures in a day will reduce learning capacity in that case they prefer to take two hours lectures daily and continue more than a month but when it comes to experience holders and job holders opposite to that they keenly take interest in 7-8 hours lectures daily and cover the program in 10 days. You can write your examination whenever you feel comfortable and revise your sessions as much as possible to familiarize yourself. The days are sufficient but the mind set and concept varies person to person based on that you can prepare for NEBOSH IG very comfortably.

2) Is it necessary that for qualifying NEBOSH the background should be Engineer or Safety ?

Ans: It’s neither right nor wrong if candidate join the course of NEBOSH IG without having a background of Engineering or safety, because there is not having any kind of eligibility criteria for taking the admission in NEBOSH IG. But off course if you have any technical job experience or your background belongs to engineering or safety also have good writing skills in English then this will be an add on value for you to score well in examinations.
Generally NEBOSH approved academies recommend to their inquiries those who are fresher to preferably first go for one year course of fire and safety then plan for NEBOSH IG because in that phase your safety concepts which you will already going to learn in NEBOSH included and fairly you will get the lesson plans easily. Next to this if you have already worked in technical field after 12th, Graduation or Post- Graduation and have industrial exposure then also you can plan for NEBOSH IG. The noted point is that for any division the candidates belongs, one must have good command on language because the examination conduct by British Council as this is an International certification NEBOSH course materials, exams & project reports are in English. Therefore the Learner must have good English knowledge to understand or comprehend the lessons completely.

3) Can 10th, 12th, Graduate and Post graduate directly qualify or appear in NEBOSH?
What kind of criteria must follow for NEBOSH IG admission?

Ans: As NEBOSH IG have no eligibility criteria to take admission but one thing which is highly recommendable for the learners that you must have good command on English language because the examination, study material and project submission completely in English. If we talk about your admission in NEBOSH IG is easy but to qualify in good marks is an individual learner challenge, here I am not telling you that the exams are tough, off course it is not but your concepts and command word of safety must be known to you. The Graduates or Post graduates can directly appear for NEBOSH also it will be good if they have some experience or Safety course knowledge.
If I will tell you something about the opportunities after doing NEBOH IG is endless but the industries mostly look for the safety background and if you have such potentiality then company will hire you. You can get the good job opportunities without safety or technical background after doing NEBOSH but this is a time of cut throat completion everywhere, if anyone superior to you will join and also completed NEBOSH IG then in that phase your chances of promotion will not be so high. Generally we suggest to the fresher learners to join such direct approved and authorized learning NEBOSH centre where you can join one year or six months program of safety and in that your all NEBOSH IG syllabus will get cover in that duration and after that when you will appear into NEBOSH it will be far easy for learner to clear exam in single attempt with good score. We recommend to our learners not to hurry in that age just after 10th or 12th, if you can devote your time with fire & safety qualification first then join NEBOSH will be better for your future.

4) Is doing physical practical training essential for NEBOSH IG course?

Ans: The practical training section is one of the most important part in NEBOSH IG. The learner IG-2 part belongs to practical assessment project submission, we must know how to score in a practical IG-2. In this it is very essential for learner to score 60 out of 100 for passing the examination, the trainer will always assist you to cross the bar of 60 in IG-2.
This is a challenge to score more than 60 but not impossible if you will do all such kind of practical trainings sessions what you all have learned during your NEBOSH IGC classroom session. You must be aware such approved and authorized learning centres of NEBOSH who is authorized for providing the physical practical trainings. Because in IG-2 you will come to know about hazard, control, safe & unsafe condition, risk assessment, other observation and management control. Only getting the theoretical classes of all is not sufficient for the learner to score more than 60% for this your physical assessment of safety and hazard practical with the support of different tools and equipment is very essential under trainer’s guidelines.
After doing all such kind of physical practical NEBOSH IG – 2 practical training your level of knowledge and potentiality of scoring well get increase and the opportunities with preferences in your job will get increase of the learner when it comes to your job openings and other challenges because at that time your practical approach towards IG-2 part will make you more stronger and eligible comparative to other professional holder those who have done it without practical training approach. So if you are investing your money and want the returns in terms of high salary package, so try to know such authorized and approved NEBOSH centres those who are providing the practical training facilities specially for scoring well in NEBOSH IG- 1 and IG -2 and over all bring your dream into reality.

5) After NEBOSH IG is there a chance to get handsome salary in abroad?
After NEBOSH IG can I get good salary in India?
Currently what is the demand of Industry for NEBOSH IG in terms of salary?

Ans: There is having a multiple growth opportunities in terms of salary both in India as well as abroad. In India various multinational companies are coming which only demands for NEBOSH IG qualified candidates. If we will put a glance that in India last from 15 years the demand of constructions are increasing very frequently like in metro projects, railways, oil and gas several new projects are upcoming which are highly in need to hire the NEBOSH professionals. The market of India will get thrive in every 3-4 years with multiple opportunities. Also in abroad the recruiters won’t compromise for hiring NEBOSH candidate’s even companies in Gulf strictly follow the recruitment terms and conditions. In abroad the companies hire only NEBOSH IG candidates because they also have a provision from Government not to compromise with safety norms and in that part NEBOSH is very essential.
Depending on your work profile, knowledge, skills there might be some variations in the salary you will be offered. In India, the NEBOSH IGC begin pay is in the scope of 45,000/- to 1,00,000/- every month. In Abroad, Gulf countries like middle east OMAN, BAHRAIN, KUWAIT, ABU DABI AND OTHERS it is in the scope of Rs 1,05,000/- to Rs 5,00,000/- monthly. There are different sectors where you can get the opportunities like Construction & Civil Engineering, Oil & Gas, Retail, Property Management, Auto Mobile, Tele com, Defence, Electrical & Electronics, and Transport etc. NEBOSH qualifications are widely considered to be the benchmark of a good health and safety professional. The latest study showed that overall:-

  • 83% of job advertisements demanded candidates hold a NEBOSH qualification.
  • 93% of positions asked for either some form of NEBOSH qualification.

Don’t hesitate also to contact if any person or relative who are working overseas are willing to help you to offer a job to you, there additionally providing a work visa. Don’t neglect these types of offers or chances if you have got anyone who will help you, because trials will also give you an experience in getting same knowledge of approaching. Also you can create a profile in job portal’s like Bayt, Expat Living, Naukri.com, Monster jobs, Career advice & hiring resources, LinkedIn, profile should look very strong and attractive to recruiter.

6) How to select good organization in India for doing NEBOSH course?
From where to do NEBOSH certification course?
How to identify good organization in India?

It is very important for the learners to know about the centres which are approved by NEBOSH. There must be a query in your mind that why it is essential to do NEBOSH course from approved centres? Because NEBOSH have some standards and parameters to conduct the courses, kindly follow the guidelines:

  • Select the approved and authorized learning centre.
  • The trainer must be approved and NEBOSH qualified.
  • Select the organization who provides fundamental of safety before NEBOSH classes.
  • Choose the centre where you will get language class, this will help learner to know about pattern of examinations.
  • Always prefer to get pre- examination sessions.
  • Focus on hazard management special certificate.
  • Select the approved centre who is providing NEBOSH 10 days classes or 1 month classes based on learner current knowledge. This will help you to understand the lessons plans very easily.
  • Always choose such academy who is ready to give you free doubt clearance session from expert approved trainer which will be absolutely free of cost.
  • Find out such direct approved learning centre of NEBOSH who is having their own practical training set-up with all advance learning tools and equipment’s which covers safety, health, risk assessment, hazard, control measures and other practical trainings that will gives you more attention and exposure towards industries for maximum job opportunities.
  • Select such centre who is having good practical training setup because only theory and lectures are not enough for complete understanding.

I am sure by following the guidelines you can select the best NEBOSH approved academy.
All the best.

7) How to clear NEBOSH IG exams successfully ?

It is very simple and easy to do and clear NEBOSH IG in single attempt, here are some tips for you. I request all of the viewers to follow so that you can easily look forward towards International certification. The guidelines is both for the fresher and experienced learners:
Are you guy’s ready, so here we go:-

  • Note down every important point in duration of your classes.
  • Study foundation with basic safety.
  • Understand the command words of NEBOSH
  • Make a list of central topics and prepare notes.
  • Work on your demonstrative skills and up to mark on the subject.
  • Prepare through all previous model question with answers.
  • Take exam preparation classes until your examinations.
  • Keep it simple NEBOSH is not looking for long answers.
  • NEBOSH IG is conducted by UK, so you must strong in English.
  • Revise you lessons twice or thrice.
  • Most Important - Attending all Sessions, Daily Studying of NEBOSH Elements, Revising the completed Elements, Attempting for all Mock Test, Self-Evaluation and Applying the Tutors feedback for your improvements.
  • Mark all the important key notes. Your NEBOSH books should be converted as Exam guide at the end of the sessions.
  • Try to solve maximum case studies related with safety, health environment, risk assessment, control measures & hazard.
  • Along with reading, practice writing as much as possible which will improve your writing speed.
  • Answer only that point which is asked in question.
    Focus on that approved NEBOSH academy having the facility of practical training with latest and advance tools and equipment along with special hazard management classes, risk assessment, control measures because in current scenario if it comes to your job opportunities the companies are only hiring those aspirants having practical training knowledge. Last but not the least be confident and keep all the said points in mind, you can achieve success in a single attempt for sure.

8) What is the examination system of NEBOSH ?

The mentioned details will be beneficial for you,
Examination registration
Learners must be registered before they can take an examination. All examination
registrations must be completed by an accredited learning centre.
Examination entry confirmation
The Examination Entry Confirmation is essential to gain entry to the examination room, learner will need to show a form of photographic identification to the invigilator and then sign the Examination Entry Confirmation. Please contact to your centre if you have not received your Examination Entry Confirmation.
Examination dates and assessment
Standard examination sittings are held four times a year in March, June, September and December. Many of our Learning Partners may also offer on demand examinations, set and marked by NEBOSH, but held on a date chosen by the approved centre. Learner should contact their centre for more information.
There will be 2 papers IG1 and IG2 candidates can give all at once or can give 1 by 1 IG1 supervised by British council at their own place, for IG2 candidates must submit assessment reports as per guided by the trainer.
Examination results
All results for assessments taken in English (including those for the practical application) should be received within 50 working days from the date of the examination or submission of assignment. The specific date is written on your examination entry confirmation.
For further more details you can contact to NEBOSH approved learning centre – 1456 “JIFSA Education and Technical Services Private Limited” , please note our web site www.jifsa.in and for any query contact on the mentioned number. All the best to every learner, happy to serve and guide you always.

9) In India where the practical training set up of NEBOSH IG course is available of authorized learning centres?

Ans: As we know in current scenario getting the International Certification of NEBOSH IG is very important and when it comes to job opportunities every person belongs to any segment want to do NEBOSH. But it is very essential to understand the requirement of the companies, only NEBOSH IG certification will not help the learners to get good job opportunities but equal to that the learner must know about the authorized learning centre of NEBOSH giving the facility of practical training along with several advance safety tools and equipment’s. As we know that in NEBOSH IG there is a part of practical assessment of project report IG-2 and without the knowledge of practical study it is next to impossible to score well in examination.
You will glad to know about the approved and direct authorized learning centre of NEBOSH the only academy having largest practical training campus in 10 acres of land with more than 3000 training equipment’s, expert team of approved and qualified NEBOSH trainers, along with own fire tender vehicle and ambulance with at a time 500 student food and hostel facility at Asia’s largest industrial city, KORBA CHHATTISGARH. JIFSA Education and Technical Services Private Limited is the one and only real training academy which make your dream comes true and elaborate your NEBOSH sessions into practicality where you will find all such practical related with


JIFSA is having its Corporate and Registered office at Capital city MUMBAI, Maharashtra and Head office & Practical training campus at power city KORBA, Chhattisgarh. We are the authorized learning centre and our accreditation code is 1456, for the further details you can log on in our web site www.jifsa.in and contact us on the mentioned number. Good luck everyone