Fire & Safety FAQs

  • 01. What is the reason for more chances of getting a job after taking the Fire and Safety course ?
    Answer: In view of the threat of natural disaster in the world, along with the Industrial Revolution, human safety, human safety in industries, protection of the environment and general protection, as well as to conserve natural resources, The topics like fire technology and industrial safety management, fire prevention, fire safety, health safety environment, disaster management are being promoted, hence A. It has much higher career prospects in the current situation and in the coming years. According to the rules of the Government of India, in any industry, whether it is of small or big scale, today it is mandatory to appoint a safety officer under the Factory Act 1948 section 40B. Due to which the chances of getting a job after doing the course of Fire and Safety increases.
  • 02. Which students should take the course of Fire and Safety and what should be the qualification to take the course ?
  • 03. How safe is the future after taking the Fire and Safety course and what are the employment opportunities in it ?
  • 04. What can Salary get after doing a Fire and Safety course ?
  • 05. How to choose a good institute to do Fire and Safety course?
  • 06. What is the difference between National and International courses in Fire and Safety courses ?
  • 07. What are the courses in Fire and Safety, and how long are their duration ?
  • 08. How to get admission in Fire and Safety course ?