Directors Message

Mrs. Priya Malhotra Arora


“Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.”

Segment of Fire, Safety, Industrial Safety, Disaster, HSE and First Aid is covering the maximum prospects for job in all over India as well as in Middle East Countries. Our mission is to nurture students and make them capable by offering them best placement opportunities. Modern Group of Institutions has added a wing of “JIFSA EDUCATION AND TECHNICAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED” alongwith “Industrial Safety - National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, UK”, for promoting quality education across the globe. This is first time opening for the students to opt their desired level courses and can move on in future for their best career not only in industries or power plants apart from all it also covers various growth segments which are also possible for undergraduate students.
Our faith and positive approach ranked us to witness the growth & development of our organization and equally admires others readers to flourish their mind for stepping ahead in their fortune and can measure their prospective according to era. Imparting our best wishes for everyone.

Mrs. Ratna Chakraborty


Education enables a person to face new challenges, achieve progresses and lead a successful life. I, therefore, would like to encourage all students to acquire right education through right educational institution.

JIFSA’s vision is “Leadership through Excellence in Value-Based Educational institute" is our guiding force in the past and in times to come.
Jifsa is neither just about academic brilliance nor a consistent return, but an ambience where culture and human skills meet together. Keeping abreast of this contemporary world of cut throat competitions, we the Jifsa team, aim at creating an inter-disciplinary and a holistic academic environment that enable.
I do strongly believe in my spirited staff members’ capacity to build up the college as one among the leading colleges in the India.

Mr. Basant Satpathy


The main objective of the industries are to provide safe and healthy working conditions that help in avoiding unsafe conditions, fearful act, and reduction in accidents, thus increasing productivity. Enforcement of the safety norms is only possible if safety measures are properly adopted by the people, employee wherever it is implemented.

Fire, safety, health and environment play a vital role in every industry as per statutory requirement t and hike in accident rate that increases the demand of safety supervisor, safety officer, fire man, and fire officer, are required in every small and large industry.
As day by day the globalization is increasing rapidly, step by step the Indian Industry standards are matching the global improvements, by succeeding the international standards of Occupational Safety & Health (OHS) and Health Safety & Environment (HSE) which are the major factor of current structure of global market for the Industrial Safety and Industrial hygiene.
Looking at the basic reason of safety which is seriously required in all the places it is most essential. For such cause St. Joseph’s International Fire and Safety Academy (JIFSA) body of JIFSA EDUCATION AND TECHNICAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED has started the benefit yielding, 100% job oriented courses in short term. These courses will frame trained fire and safety personalities for the welfare of the people to keep safeguard the mass of population and the property.