• Our vision is to frame up a National and International level of training centre in the field of Fire and Safety.
  • To have a world class setup for fire and safety training, where our new research and development, can make the world a better place to be in.
  • JIFSA to set up a bench mark for its high standard of training in global scenario: so people may observe and identify the difference : because of its quality and uniqueness .
  • JIFSA will lead higher education in preparing students for innovative, creative, and successful careers in a global society.
  • The college of education will be a world leader in the integration of :
    - Preparing and learning.
    - Augmentation of the knowledge base through practical training and scholarship.
    - Leadership in service and outreach.
    - Preparing and learning
    Afore, it will be a world leader in preparing professionals. Who provide leadership and exemplary scholastic and related services to improve the lives of individuals; in this changing and complex global society


  • JIFSA's mission is to provide a broad range of career-oriented educational programs with the goal of producing innovative, creative professionals who are well prepared for their chosen career in a global network.
  • We strive to provide quality education training, which is affordable and has 100% job availability.
  • JIFSA is committed to mutually enriching relationships with government, business, our old student and world community. Research training, leadership, learning, innovation, scholarship, exploration and teaching development for promoting student success are our central motive.
  • JIFSA endeavour would be for the all-round development of the students.
  • JIFSA has aimed to open 100 centers all over the India by the year 2022.
  • JIFSA is committed to set up the best an ultra-modern Fire & Safety Practical ground of India having its own distinct recognition - equipped with latest apparatus, modern, hi-tech and handy facilities by the year 2021.
  • JIFSA will establish the monument of Fire & safety by the year of 2021.
  • JIFSA is determined to set up its own university of Fire & Safety in India that will be shaped up by the year 2025.


Fire Safety & Security Training Solutions – World Class standards in training

Education is not like filling a bucket, it is to kindle a fire within. Each one of us has got enormous potential waiting to be picked and polished. And that is all that we do at JIFSA- recognizing the hidden talent and innate ability of our students and then facilitating their knowledge acquisition in our modern class rooms equipped with state-of-art gadgets and teaching aids. Our team of experienced industry professionals turned instructors leave nothing to chance. These are the persons who have earlier indulged themselves in the practical field. They now dedicate their experience and toil hard, sweating with each and every student, until the inputs have been fully understood and internalized. Use of Personal Protective Equipment, Total Protection Equipment, Breathing Apparatus etc. becomes a second nature to them. They get accustomed to practice safety in excavation, trench forming and confined space entry etc. They are given drills in the use of Fire Hydrants, Sprinklers, Foam Making Equipment and responding to Fire Alarms etc. Add to it the valuable practical exposure during the Industrial Visits, and the priceless hands-on training that they acquire during the internship/attachments at the industrial units and you have the formidable Fire and Safety man for all seasons!

Industries assign a high priority to the functional departments whose discretion, speed and timeliness of action has a significant bearing on the organisation's ability to deliver on time and without loss of life or property. It is in this sense that the Fire and Safety people gain centre stage. The responsibility is onerous. But so are the rewards. Only you must be the thorough professional everybody is looking for and you can be a chooser! It is these heart warming ingredients of a successful Fire and Safety man that lie at the heart of our institutional approach to grooming the students for sure shot deliverance. We pride in our ace tie-ups, we are grateful to the industry partners, and we equally adore our committed faculty because it is the synergy of these three that keeps us ahead of the competition!

This is one place where the students come first. The least that they expect from us is to be treated like dignified, adult friends. Yes, that's precisely how our faculty looks at them. Giving each one of them the personal and individual attention so necessary to ensure that they learn at their own pace in their own unique manner. Apart from the course coverage in terms of the prescribed syllabus, we take time out to help them rediscover themselves and know their strengths and weaknesses to be able to bring about the required attitudinal moderations for the life ahead. Their personality development is equally our concern. We see to it that they improve upon their public speaking and become articulate so that they find no difficulty in striking a winning conversation during the interviews. They must pass out from our institute as competent professionals and confident individuals ready to catch the bull of competition by its horns!


  • A team of hands dedicated trainers who will provide mentoring for all selected courses.
  • Asia's finest and most established training provider, delivering to a wide spectrum of inshore construction and service industries and to offshore Oil & Gas and Marine industries.
  • JiFSA is having vast practical ground with multiple apparatus where student can sharp up their practical knowledge with live experiment.
  • JiFSA organizes training session for 10-15 days in which the participation of students from all over India.
  • JiFSA arranges industrial visit in mega project to enhance on their knowledge and view with expert and guest lecture from renowned and experienced personality.