Free NEBOSH IG Practical Training Only at JIFSA

The JiFSA's space plan supports a Fire, Safety & Security Training and culture of open communication and community. To that end, where possible seminar rooms and classrooms are adjacent to faculty offices, and the faculty office suites have lounge seating to accommodate waiting students and facilitate in prompt conversations.

Looking ahead, the vision for the JiFSA’s practical ground is consistent with the Institution’s policy of sustainable and eco-friendly training practices its spread our 10 acres.

Facilities include:

More Then 200000 Jobs Available in this field.
JiFSA Have 23 Year's of Excellance Record in Education Field.
JiFSA Has Join Hands With World Class Companies for Student Placement and Trainings.
elearning courses are available in .
Our Guest Lectures Provided by Real Time Officers.
Computer Knowledge is Essencial for each field of job we provide fundamental knowledge in this fields.
Jobs available in 20+ Segments.
Variuos High Profile Jobs Available in This Field.
Fire and Safety Course Have Vary High Salary Packeges.
JiFSA Has it's own Fire Tender Brithing Apratus and Many more eqipments for Student Training.
Our student geting opportunity to go and see how real time workers and officers perform their work at industry.
Interviev is gate of office eighter it's open for ever or its closed, we make our student able to open this gate for ever.
Career Scop in Fire Safety & Security Courses is Available in India and Abroad.
10000 + Palcement JiFSA has Provided.
Residencial Courses are Available In Field of Fire Safety And Security.
We Provide World Class Study Materials For Fire Safety and Security Courses Prepared by Our Research & Development Team.
Our Personality Developer Faculties have Great Expertise in field they make student perfect to work in international companies.
Fire tender Brething Apratus hundreds of other tolls and technicul drills, make practical training more valueble for students.

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